SHOEBOX PureTest: Helps Enable Compliant Hearing Testing Programs Across a Single Device or Fleet of Devices


Ottawa, ON, January 12, 2021: Today, SHOEBOX Ltd. announced the launch of SHOEBOX Audiometry PureTest a turnkey solution to help ensure that occupational hearing testing is conducted in a consistent and compliant manner across an entire organization.

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SHOEBOX Wins Coveted Innovator Award


SHOEBOX Wins Coveted Innovator Award
Ottawa, ON — October 17, 2020: SHOEBOX Ltd announced today that it has been awarded the Silver Hearing Technology Innovator Award in the inaugural Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. Through the annual awards program, Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) recognizes technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry. This year’s awards program saw dozens of innovative technologies submitted from companies across the globe.

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Hearing Innovation – Improving Healthcare for Canadians

Canadian AudiologistThe majority of older adults with mild hearing loss are unaware of it, a startling fact that can have an impact on a person’s wellbeing. The social and health consequences related to hearing loss are many including fatigue, anxiety, social isolation, depression and dementia.

Historically, non-specialists have assessed hearing ability subjectively, for example, by using the whisper or finger rub test. Furthermore, we know screening for hearing loss as well as providing timely and appropriate referrals are important, yet not always routinely practiced in primary care. Given a large number of older adults with hearing issues and the lack of assessment through primary care, we know a new model for hearing care delivery is needed to improve health outcomes for Canadians.

Mobile hearing screening technologies have emerged on the market over the past several years. They put technology in the hands of non-specialists and provide an easy-to-use, objective assessment of hearing that helps make non-specialists allies to hearing healthcare professionals.

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SHOEBOX Launches Easy-to-Use, Mobile-Friendly Online Hearing Screening Test

SHOEBOX launches easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online hearing screening test
Ottawa, ON: Today, April 15, 2020, SHOEBOX® Ltd. announced a new online hearing screening test. SHOEBOX Online uses patented Dynamic Range technology to produce an effective screening solution for web-based testing. SHOEBOX Online enables participants to remotely assess their hearing from any device - mobile phone, tablet, or laptop - and with headphones they already own. The test will sort participants into categories based on their hearing ability - good, hearing loss or significant hearing loss. SHOEBOX Online is a tool that can assist with qualifying, prioritizing and assessing participants' hearing health.

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Audiology Review Network

Destin, Florida: Today, at the National Hearing Conservation Association Annual Conference (NHCA), SHOEBOX Ltd. announced the launch of the Audiology Review Network. The Audiology Review Network is a premium new service, delivered by an international network of regionally-licensed Audiologists, available to help SHOEBOX customers meet their OSHA and MSHA compliance requirements. 

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How a CHEO Surgeon’s Idea is Changing Hearing Testing in the North

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The idea first came to Dr. Matthew Bromwich while on his annual visit to treat children in Iqaluit.

Many of the patients the CHEO ear, nose and throat specialist and surgeon saw in the North — where children suffer hearing loss at three times the national average — needed hearing tests. That often meant flying them and their families down to Ottawa because no audiologist was available in Iqaluit.

To 44-year-old Bromwich, who has been described as an “ideas factory,” it was a problem begging for a solution.

“I said: ‘Why can’t we fit something in a shoebox and send it up and do testing there?’”

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