Press Release: Clearwater Clinical Introduces Mobile Screening Tool for Hearing Clinics and Retailers

SHOEBOX QuickTest provides a simple and affordable method of acquiring new customers

QuickTest Game ScreenOTTAWA, ONTARIO – April 6, 2017 – Clearwater Clinical Limited, a leading provider of medical-grade hearing health mobile devices and cloud-based data management solutions, is incorporating a simple screening tool into its product suite of mobile audiology devices with the launch of SHOEBOX QuickTest. This simple, self-administered hearing test is the ultimate companion to our clinically-validated iPad audiometer.

SHOEBOX QuickTest allows hearing health professionals to identify patients in need of follow-up testing and, or hearing aid fitting, providing an affordable means to source new customers that is also mutually beneficial to patients. Miracle-Ear, a trusted global resource for hearing aid solutions, participated in the beta testing phase of product development and is among the first to use SHOEBOX QuickTest.

“Because it’s highly mobile and convenient, SHOEBOX QuickTest is ideal for numerous locations: clinics, health fares, and industry events. It empowers patients to get a snapshot of their hearing health to determine if a follow-up visit to a hearing health specialist is warranted,” says Michael Weider, CEO of Clearwater Clinical. “At the same time, it also provides hearing health professionals a very reasonably priced alternative for identifying potential new customers who need further follow up assessments.”

SHOEBOX QuickTest operates like a simple interactive game that presents users sounds across different frequencies for each ear. Once complete, the user fills in a customizable survey and is presented with the results of the screening tasks, which read as a general ‘pass or further testing required.’ The results and survey information are then saved to the cloud-based SHOEBOX Data Management portal that can be accessed to maintain contact and follow-up correspondence with potential customers.

According to Ryan Johnson-Hunt, Regional Operations Manager for British Columbia, Miracle-Ear Canada, “We have long been early adopters of innovative ways to connect with the community using novel products and technology. SHOEBOX QuickTest has allowed us to increase our screening volume and provide an engaging customer experience with its simple, gamified interface that we were able to brand.  After only a handful of events, we were able to drive hundreds of qualified leads into our clinics. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Clearwater and SHOEBOX to provide an amazing experience to our customers. 

About Clearwater Clinical

Co-founded in 2005 by Dr. Matthew Bromwich, an ENT specialist, and led by CEO Michael Weider, Ottawa-based Clearwater Clinical is combining audiological and technical expertise to design and manufacture innovative medical-grade devices that leverage the power of tablet technology to enable effective, alternative approaches in hearing healthcare.

Leading the way in mobile health, Clearwater Clinical developed SHOEBOX Audiometry, a clinically validated iPad audiometer that makes it possible to reliably measure hearing outside of a traditional sound booth. The device addresses a growing need in the market to test the hearing of more patients in more locations with less effort and increased efficiency.

Clearwater Clinical was recently recognized as an innovator in mobile, digital and connected healthcare in the 2016 Global Digital Health 100 Award List.