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SHOEBOX PureTest: Adding Hearing Testing to the Occupational Health Services You Offer

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Workplace health and safety service providers work tirelessly to ensure their clients comply with OSHA regulations. We’ve had the opportunity to partner with service providers of all sizes, powering their occupational hearing testing programs with SHOEBOX.

We equip service providers with the tools they need to achieve OSHA-compliant testing programs, facilitate workflows that minimize interruptions to productivity, and open the door to secure data management.

The SHOEBOX PureTest solution consists of two main components. First is our iPad-based audiometer. Secondly is our Data Management Portal, a powerful tool that can pre-configure test settings, manage employee demographic information, review and manage test results, and schedule follow-up activities.

Our approach is effective yet straightforward: we provide service providers with complete occupational hearing testing solutions, supporting their needs from start to finish, all while lessening costs and optimizing workflows. In return, service providers can offer their clients a better hearing testing experience at competitive rates.

Why Should Service Providers Offer Occupational Hearing Screening?

We’ve partnered with occupational health services companies of all sizes, including some that didn’t offer workplace hearing testing before working with us. These clients quickly realized that workplace hearing testing is profitable when provided alongside other services such as pre-employment medical examinations, drug and alcohol testing, respirator fit testing and more. In addition, hearing testing pairs nicely with other services your company may already offer, unlocking some excellent bundling opportunities.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 22 million workers are exposed to dangerous noise daily. These employees work throughout the country in a wide range of industries. OSHA requires that employers implement a hearing conservation program when noise exposure levels reach or exceed 85 decibels when averaged over eight hours of work or during an eight-hour time-weighted average. A hearing conservation program is critical in preserving workers’ hearing and supplying them with the knowledge needed to make safe workplace decisions.

Why Use SHOEBOX PureTest for Your Audiometric Testing Services

We’ve been leaders in workplace hearing testing for some time now, but with SHOEBOX PureTest, we brought this commitment to the next level. With PureTest, we worked with occupational testing leaders to create a product that specifically meets the workflow and compliance needs of the occupational testing industry.

Program administrators can pre-configure their SHOEBOX systems, create optimal testing workflows, and then lock in these settings to prevent any deviations in the testing process. This powerful feature means that testing is consistent throughout an entire organization, whether working with a single unit or a whole fleet of testing devices. This centralized approach is perfect for service providers looking to scale their programs while maintaining consistency across their organization’s offerings.

Here are some ways PureTest helps service providers differentiate from the competition by providing accurate, scalable, and profitable services.

No More Trucks or Booths

A common barrier to entry for many service providers when considering adding hearing testing to their testing offerings is the exorbitant start-up costs associated with outfitting a mobile clinic with audiological testing booths and equipment.

Our ANSI-compliant audiometer not only meets OSHA requirements but has both automated and manual testing modes, is mobile, and is optimized for testing outside of a sound booth. In addition, our audiometer was created with a built-in intelligent algorithm that addresses background noise and unreliable responses, as well as automated shift detection to guide you through the necessary next steps after a completed test.

Service providers work with employers of all sizes. SHOEBOX’s boothless solution provides the flexibility you need to transform quickly how you manage your hearing testing program, whether on-site or in your clinic. With SHOEBOX, hearing testing can be completed more efficiently – which your clients will appreciate because that means fewer disruptions to their business operations.

SHOEBOX will help you grow your business and enhance your margins on every contract. Our portable and boothless solution will allow you to spend less time on-site testing. Our straightforward reporting tools make it uncomplicated to provide your clients with professional, branded reports. And your customers’ employees will be delighted by the enjoyable, game-like testing experience.

Learn more about how boothless workplace hearing testing improves patient experience, resolves backlogs and saves money.

A Better Workplace Hearing Testing Experience for Everyone

SHOEBOX PureTest makes workplace hearing testing a better experience for employees and test administrators. The automated gameplay interface of our audiometer makes testing engaging and effortless. In addition, our audiometer functions in any occupational setting and can test using English, Spanish, and French.

Learn more about how SHOEBOX PureTest delivers an optimal employee experience during hearing conversation testing.

Offer Clients Accurate and OSHA-Compliant Hearing Conservation Programs

At SHOEBOX, we take test accuracy seriously and believe that clinically valid audiometric testing results in the workplace should be affordable and accessible.

We partner with service providers to equip them with a clinically valid automated audiometric testing platform that can be administered to test all required frequencies accurately and quickly. As a result, you will have everything you need to help your clients ensure they are meeting their OSHA requirements for hearing testing.

Our ANSI-compliant audiometer makes workplace hearing testing straightforward and addresses background noise and unreliable responses thanks to our intelligent algorithm. In addition, our audiometer is listed as a Class II medical device by the FDA.

Because our product portfolio includes testing tools explicitly used in clinical, hospital and research settings – PureTest meets the requirements of a medical device used for occupational testing.

Since your cloud-based storage solution is being used to store medical data, you can also assure your customers their data will be safely stored, meeting stringent security standards:

All SHOEBOX systems come with a Class 2 microphone, allowing you to perform necessary room scans before testing even starts. As a result, you will know instantly that you are testing in a compliant environment.

Learn more about OSHA requirements for occupational hearing testing.

Save Time and Instantly Access Program Records and Generate Reports with Our Powerful Data Management Portal

Our workplace hearing testing solution includes a powerful, individualized, HIPAA-compliant web portal. Our client data management system was built on the foundation that your client’s hearing test data be uncomplicated to view, archive, manage and report on. No more paper records – our portal is entirely cloud-based. You’ll be able to generate and export individual and summary reports instantly and automatically detect shifts, all while knowing that your client’s data is being automatically backed up in a secure manner.

We’ve developed our Data Management Portal to fit the demands of service providers of all sizes. Data is automatically uploaded to our HIPAA-compliant cloud servers from your audiometer. Control how you view and work with client data with flexible search and filtering capabilities. Employees can instantly view audiograms and digitally sign off on their results upon completion.

Learn more about the various advantages and features of our Data Management Portal.

Access to Training, Onboarding and Support

We provide our clients with the support they need to deliver scalable, compliant and successful workplace hearing screening. From annual calibration to personalized training – we will leverage our knowledge and cutting-edge technology to help you succeed in delivering exceptional service to your employer clients.

All of our new customers receive one-on-one training. During this training, we’ll introduce you to our ever-growing web-based learning modules, ensuring you have everything you need to start. Additional customized training is available to any of our customers looking for some extra help. In addition, our online help center repository can quickly answer your questions with detailed manuals, user guides and updates.

Our experienced support team is accessible by email, online chat, or phone.

Learn more about how we support and partner with our customers.

Learn How SHOEBOX PureTest Can Power Your Workplace Hearing Screening Services to Greater Ease and Profits

At SHOEBOX, we want to partner with you and contribute to the success of your business in years to come. SHOEBOX PureTest can help improve your current service offering, increase your testing capacity, ensure program compliance, and allow you to provide industry-leading service to your customers while maintaining healthy profit margins.
Contact us to discover how SHOEBOX PureTest can help your business grow and deliver a more pleasing experience for your existing client base.