The Future of Professional Audiometry

All the advanced diagnostic capabilities of a traditional audiometer, packed into one portable, easy-to-use solution on an iPad.

How it Works


  • Pure tone: air & bone with masking
  • Speech: speech discrimination testing (NU-6, PBK word lists)
  • Both manual and automated testing modes
  • Extended high frequencies (to 16kHz)
  • Embedded inventory, surveys, or customized questionnaires
  • Secure data archiving, backup, and export
  • SHOEBOX Standard

    • Automated game play
    • Pure tone with air masking
    • EHF in automated mode
    • Integrated electronic questionnaires
    • Manual mode
    • Bone conduction
    • Masked bone
    • Speech discrimination testing

    • Automated game play
    • Pure tone with air masking
    • EHF in automated mode
    • Integrated electronic questionnaires
    • Manual mode
    • Bone conduction
    • Masked bone
    • Speech discrimination testing

Best Suited For

Hearing Services Clinics

A better portable audiometer for your mobile practice needs

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Clinically validated accuracy
  • No sound booth required

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ENT Practices

Both Manual and Automated testing offers complete control

  • Fun and interactive for the widest range of patients
  • Easy to use – testing can be administered by almost anyone
  • Reduces the bottleneck often caused by waiting for sound booth availability

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  • “The sound booth has always been a bottleneck in our clinic. Now with SHOEBOX, we can supplement booth time with pre-screening in a quiet waiting room.”

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  • “I have all the equipment I need to do Pure Tone, Bone, Speech, etc. right on the iPad. I recommend SHOEBOX Audiometry to help you with all your testing needs!”

    — Karen Knight, K Knight Hearing

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Clinical Validation

  • CHEO
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Journal of Voice
  • McGill
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Canadian Acoustics
  • Journal of Otolaryngology

SHOEBOX has been clinically validated for use as a diagnostic audiometer, even when testing is performed outside of a sound booth. We have been included in various studies on the efficacy of tablet audiometry, conducted at some of the world’s leading institutions, including Mayo Clinic, McGill University, CHEO, and more.


Training & Support

  • Training

    We include 1 hour of “Getting Started” training and access to our online “Audiometry Essentials” training modules. Contact us if you require further customized training or just wish to learn more.

  • Annual Calibration Service

    To maintain compliance with ANSI S3.6 standards, we offer:

    • Annual notification when calibration is due
    • Automatic swap out of newly calibrated transducers
    • Return shipment for old transducers
    • New calibration certificate for ANSI records management
  • Audiological Consulting

    Our in-house licensed audiology team provides support and consultation when you need it. Whether for protocol and workflow development or results review, contact us to discuss how we can help.

  • Extended Warranty

    Our subscription plans include an extended warranty for the hardware components of your system. Faulty or defective headphones, iPads, or cables that are the result of manufacturing or workmanship will be replaced free of charge.

  • Data Import

    Let us help you make the transition to SHOEBOX Audiometry – we will format and import your historic patient and employee demographic data & HI. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Technical Specifications

  • Equipment

    Compatible with most iPads, contact us for more details

    Convenient, padded carrying case for your complete system

  • Recommended Transducers

    RadioEar DD450

    Sennheiser HDA280

    E-A-RTONE 3A Inserts

    TDH-50 (Special order)

    RadioEar B81 with switchbox

    Select cochlear implant processors – contact us for more details.

  • Automated test functionality

    Optimized for use outside sound booth

    Pure tone air with air and bone masking

    Easy-to-use fully automated Modified Hughson-Westlake protocol test

    Language independent self-testing interface suitable for both children and adults

    “How-to” video tutorial for patient/test subject

    Animated feedback and user encouragement during the test

    Intelligent noise monitoring of test environment with customizable ambient noise level monitoring based on regional regulations

    Simple administrator test setup wizard

    Starting test intensity level tailored for each patient/test subject

    Pre-set test types for adults and pediatrics with specific graphics, frequencies, and volume limits

    Ability to add custom test types with test graphics, sound types, frequencies, and volume limits

    On-screen display of audiogram with automatic interpretation of results and ability to input comments

    Optional extended high frequency up to 16kHz

    No need for network connectivity while testing

    10-hour battery life enables testing all day

  • Smart Testing Algorithm

    Smart ambient noise monitoring and recording for each frequency tested

    Intelligent re-test algorithm where ambient noise or user error may have negatively affected results

    Detection of unreliable user responses

    Automated masking recommendations are prompted when needed

    Pure tone average (PTA) automatically calculated with configurable frequencies and listed for each ear

    Auto-generated interpretation text of the audiogram

  • Manual test functionality

    Optimized for use outside sound booth

    Pure tone air with air and bone masking

    Bone conduction testing

    Speech discrimination testing (NU-6, PBK word lists)

    Functional audiogram testing with cochlear implant processors

    On-screen display of audiogram with ability to input comments

    No need for network connectivity while testing

    10-hour battery life enables testing all day

  • Sound Generation

    250Hz – 8kHz, up to 16kHz with optional Extended High Frequency

    -10 dB HL to 120 dB HL

    Step size 5 dB, accuracy:+/- 1 dB

    Stimulus types:  Pure tone, warble tone, pulse tone (manual mode)

    Narrowband noise for masking

  • Integrated Electronic Questionnaires

    Built-in hearing health Inventories and questionnaires including calculation of scores

    Customizable questionnaires and intake forms

  • Additional integrated functionality

    Audiometry Essentials online learning modules (CME accredited)

    Integrated with Data Management offers organization of patients by projects

    Extensive patient demographic fields

    Ability to add notes to any patient/test subject file

    In App patient management database

    Maintains a local view of historic data generated by the device

    Store, send, or print PDF audiograms and questionnaires

    Automatic backup to online Web Portal for Data Management and remote management of data

  • Online Data Management Functionality

    Refer to our Data Management specifications to learn more about the following capabilities:

    Electronic data transfer of patient test and questionnaire results

    Import of patient lists and historical audiograms including baselines

    Organize patients and results into logical groupings (project, geography, organization)

    Define and maintain audiometric baselines for each patient

    Monitoring for threshold shifts for a variety of different regulations/protocols

    Comprehensive reporting engine including:

    • Individual patient summary reports
    • Clinical hearing threshold shift reports (CTCAE)
    • Employee roster reports
    • Hearing conservation shift reports following OSHA and MSHA guidelines
  • Compliance

    ANSI S3.6

    CSA Z107.6-16

    FDA Class II

    CE Class IIa

    ISO 13485

    OSHA 29 CFR 1910

    Health Canada


  • Health Canada
  • ANSI
  • ISO 13485
  • CE

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