SHOEBOX Ltd. presents $150,000 donation to CHEO hospital

SHOEBOX Audiometry Founder Dr. Matthew Bromwich Presents $150,000 Donation to CHEO


Dr. Matthew Bromwich founded SHOEBOX Ltd. based on a vision. The Pediatric Otolaryngologist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) wanted to improve access to hearing care for patients living in remote and underserved regions and elevate research in hearing health. It was this that served as the inspiration for SHOEBOX Audiometry, the product that he invented.

He set out to create a system for conducting hearing testing that was small and easy to use. His invention automates the test making it possible for non-hearing health professionals — such as nurses, teachers, even office managers – to administer a diagnostic test. The system consists of software, an iPad, calibrated transducers, and secure cloud-based data management. The iPad form factor makes it ultra-lightweight and portable. However, what really sets the system apart from traditional equipment is that it is optimized for testing outside of a traditional sound booth, meaning that testing can be performed in almost any reasonably quiet location.

“SHOEBOX is a solution to a problem that my patients, their families, and I faced in hearing care. Because it’s portable and easy to use, it enables more testing, by more people, in many more locations,” says Dr. Bromwich, a CHEO otolaryngologist and founder of SHOEBOX Ltd..”

Dr.Bromwich and SHOEBOX Ltd. recently made a $150,000.00 donation to CHEO as a way of saying “thank you” and to give back to the institute that made this great invention possible.

“CHEO provided me with a platform to test and refine SHOEBOX Audiometry and make sure that it was as accurate as what you find in the office of an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. My goal was to make it easy enough to use almost anywhere, without extensive training,” says Bromwich. “Our mission is to make hearing tests simple and available so that everyone can have access to a diagnostic threshold hearing test. CHEO made this possible, and SHOEBOX is making it a reality.”

“Dr. Bromwich is dedicated and passionate about providing excellent and accessible care. Moreover, at CHEO we encourage everyone to make improvements, whether that’s better safety, better systems or better care,” says Alex Munter, CHEO’s President and CEO. “SHOEBOX is a great result of this mix. It’s inspiring that Dr. Bromwich is taking the success of SHOEBOX and giving back so generously to make care better for kids and families at CHEO and around the world.”

“I’m lucky to work at CHEO,” Bromwich says, “which supports and values innovation and challenging the status quo. I hope this gift from SHOEBOX will lead to even more improvements in hearing care through research at CHEO.


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