Data Management Plus V3.3

In this release we have added:

Sharing Schedules
You can now easily create and share your hearing testing schedule with your Test Administrators in your Data Management portal. When creating a Due-For-Testing Report, provide a name (i.e. Monthly Due-For-Testing)  and save it. The share icon will appear, which will allow you to select the Test Administrators you wish to share the report with. They will receive an email with a link to the always up-to-date reports.  From the link, they will be brought to the report page where they can review the list of Employees to test or export the report. By clicking on the share icon, you can also revoke access to these users at any time. Note that recipients of the reports must be existing users in your portal and will only be able to see patient data they have access to.

Enforce Daily Room Scan
We are now making it even easier to ensure the testing rooms being used are compliant.

From the Data Management portal “Fleet Management” section (under General Settings), you can configure SHOEBOX to require that a background noise Room Scan is completed successfully at your chosen frequency (ie. before each test, once per day, weekly, monthly.)

If the Room Scan is enforced, you cannot proceed to a test until you pass the Scan as per the configured MPANL.


Data Management V3.3 update video


Batch user imports
When setting up your Data Management portal for the first time, you may wish to add numerous users to your portal. You can easily do this now by importing the entire list of users under the ‘Users” section of the Settings. You can read more about this here in our Help Center.

Updating the Required Action
If you are managing a large program and wish to update multiple records at once, you can now do a batch update of the Required Action from the Patients page. You can also flag multiple people for a retest. Select the patients you want to update, then click on the three dots at the top of the page and select “Set Next Action”.

Summary Report Configuration
We have expanded the configuration options of the Summary Report. You can now enable or disable the signature section and the audiogram technical information. By disabling these sections, they will not appear on your reports in both the app and the Data Management portal.