Background Noise Monitoring Feature

SHOEBOX Audiometry V5.4

We have made a number of exciting enhancements in this release including:

Continuous Noise Monitoring: When you have selected “Notify Immediately” in your Settings, a new visual indicator is displayed indicating if your room noise is exceeding the MPANL (Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Level).  We also display possible reasons for the excessive noise. Note, we do recommend that you use previous versions of our Room Scan feature to measure room noise before starting your test. Our external Class 2 microphone is recommended for this purpose.  In addition, we suggest that your OSHA Test Type Setting for the notification is set to “Notify Immediately” . 

SHOEBOX Background Noise Monitoring

Notification of Expired Transducer/Headphone Calibration: We have added new visual displays enabling test administrators to clearly see if their transducers/headphones are past their calibration date.   If you see this indicator, make sure you have downloaded the calibration files for your transducer and feel free to contact Customer Support if you have any questions.  We always love to hear from our customers.

SHOEBOX notification of expired transducers

External Class 2 Microphone Calibration Files:  For all our occupational health customers who are using our Class 2 microphone, you can now download the calibration values from the data management portal instead of entering them manually in the app.  

Updated Hearing Conservation Questionnaire: For our occupational health customers, we have updated our Hearing Conservation Questionnaire with a few new questions and reorganized the groupings to better serve the audiologists in their review process. 

 Search by First and Last Name:  You can now search by both First and Last Name in the app, just as you do in the data management portal.   

We have introduced a number of other changes in this release, including: 

  • The ability for the test administrator to mark a signed report as “invalid”  
  • Improved hardware setup wizard for new installations 
  • Renamed our “Settings → Transducers” to “Settings → Hardware” where both transducer and microphone hardware is listed.