SHOEBOX Online V3.23

SHOEBOX Online V3.23 contains the following improvements:

Model Display (new feature)

Hearing aids have improved dramatically over the last several years. However, they still carry a heavy stigma. “They look terrible and make me look old.” “I’m too embarrassed to wear them.” “People will make fun of me.”

To help motivate a participant whose screen result indicates hearing loss, we’ve made it possible to add positive imagery of people wearing a hearing device. You can use ours, or select one of your own. The idea is to display how hearing devices are barely visible today. Along with the image, you can choose a custom title, sub-title, and optional end note (maximum 30 characters). This would be ideal for promoting the starting price of hearing devices, for example. And perhaps a URL link to a web store.

The screenshot below shows how to include an image and text after the screening test is complete.


Portal configuration instructions to add a motivational image after the test completes

When viewed on the Results page of SHOEBOX Online, it will look something like this:


Notable Refinements

  • Improved user experience of SHOEBOX Online: We’ve reduced the number of  clicks, used clearer language, and made improvements to help your participants get the full benefits of the screening test on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • A new Customer Portal “Dashboard”: Not only does it display your entire SHOEBOX Online  screening history, but also has useful links to important resources on our Help Center. We will be adding additional dashboard widgets in future releases.

Image of the new SHOEBOX Online portal dashboard with provides useful text metrics at a glance

  • New resources to help support the use of some of our features:
    • Embedding your SHOEBOX Online Hearing Screening Test
      • A table of contents has been added to this very rich content article to help you navigate to available options.
      • New code-snippets have been added to instruct you on passing URL parameters to an iFrame.
      • This updated article can be found in our Help Center.
    • Call-to-Action (CTA) Usage Recommendations:

A CTA button is a method of guiding a user towards taking a specific action.  This could be getting them to reach out to request an appointment or perhaps pointing them to where  they can purchase an over-the-counter hearing aid. In this article on our Help Center we provide CTA Usage Recommendations to help you engage better  with your participants.