SHOEBOX PureTest V2.3

The following new features and enhancements have been included in this release.

Introducing Multiple Testing Workflows

In this release of PureTest 2.3, we have introduced  a new feature: Multiple Testing Workflows. This enhancement is designed to improve user flexibility and efficiency.

Whether you’re conducting hearing tests for occupational health, ensuring compliance with specific industry regulations, or testing both adults and children, Multiple Testing Workflows will enable an easy way to transition from one workflow to another.

SHOEBOX PureTest view of a sample of pre-configured workflow options

A screenshot of available workflow configurations to choose from before starting a new hearing test

Ear Clarity 

The latest update introduces new graphics that are designed to help ensure that test takers are aware of the ear being tested throughout the test. These intuitive graphics serve as visual cues, eliminating ambiguity and ensuring that test subjects can easily discern the ear under evaluation.

Current Version

A screenshot of the PureTest automated test without an indicator for the ear being tested

New Version

A PureTest screenshot of the automated test with a visual indicator of which ear is being tested

Other notable improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing some workflow configuration options related to the results to show un-updated values on the configuration page incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Microsoft Outlook email client to not display the emailed PureTest results report correctly.