PureTest 1.3 Software release image

SHOEBOX PureTest: PureTest V1.3 & Data Management V3.14

We have made the following improvements to PureTest V1.3 & Data Management V3.14 to ensure compliance and workflow functionality:


  • Improved transducer management: Ability to prevent the use of expired transducers while testing. This will reduce the risk of inaccurate results and further ensure program compliance.
  • Language improvements: Able to remove the multi-language option from the workflow to cut down on test time.
  • Biological verification baseline reset: Able to reset your baseline for bio-verification test prep activity as enabled by your administrator.

SHOEBOX Data Management Portal:

  • Block testing with expired transducers: Ensures compliance within a Hearing Conservation Program by allowing administrators to prevent testing using expired transducers across their fleet.

Additional Data Management Portal Improvements:

  • Room scan results available on PureTest audiogram
  • Export PureTest results reports