SHOEBOX Online V3.14

SHOEBOX Online on a laptop screen

In SHOEBOX Online V3.14, we have made the following improvements:

  • Embedding test in iFrame: SBO now has the ability to embed the Online hearing screener inside your website. This improvement supports brand consistency and encourages all participants to remain on your website longer.
  • Email participant results page: The participant may now request a copy of their results emailed directly to them. This feature leads to an increase in participants filling in contact information, allowing a business to follow up directly. Additionally, this feature offers the ability to include the business contact information for added awareness.
  • Participant results page in the portal: Admin users can login to the portal and view the results page the participant viewed after taking the test. This function allows admins and audiologists the ability to view the results and follow up with the participant if required

Additional Improvements Include:

  • Zapier Integration: SHOEBOX Online API can connect to Zapier allowing you to sync data to any platform integrated with Zapier. This feature provides automatic data transfer to any platform without any coding required