SHOEBOX PureTest: PureTest V1.4 & Data Management V3.15

We have made the following improvements to PureTest V1.4 & Data Management V3.15.


  • Persisting Test Prep Results:  When examiners perform test prep activities (Room Scan, Headphones Check, Biological Verification) prior to testing patients, the results will be stored on the iPad for all examiners to use. This will ensure that examiners only have to perform test prep activities when the configured interval (on the portal) requires it.
    • When viewing a passed or failed biological verification result that was performed by another user, an examiner cannot see thresholds that belong to other users for privacy and security reasons.
  • Sync Issues: The root cause of a number of sync issues were resolved including duplicate audiograms being created, tested date being off by a day and workflows not syncing due to missing patient ID.
  • PureTest now supports floating and split keyboards
  • If the examiner chooses to send Results PDF via email, the patient’s email address is pre-populated.

SHOEBOX Data Management Portal Improvements:

  • Saving filters is now available in Test Prep Reports
  • When exporting the Room Scan Report, the CSV will only show the frequencies associated with the MPANL of the room scan.
  • The room scan results Installation ID has been added to the Export Audiogram CSV.