SHOEBOX Data Management 3.15

In SHOEBOX Data Management V3.15 we have added the following improvements:

Automatic Shift Classification: Each time a new retest is logged, the automatic shift classification logic will compare the annual test results to the retest and state if a standard threshold shift was confirmed by retest or a new possible standard threshold shift was identified. The results are displayed in the patient history of the web portal.

[BETA] Shift Report CSV: The Hearing Conservation manager can now export a list of all employees tested this year who were identified to have recordable or non-recordable standard threshold shifts.

The new Shift Report includes: 

  • Employee Demographics: name, birth date, gender, facility, employee number, project, and employee status.
  • Test Scheduling Info: initial/regular test date, retest due date, number of days remaining before the retest.
  • Current STS Status: Recordable, Non-Recordable, No-STS
  • Automatic Shift Classifications Results: stating if a retest confirmed or eliminated a shift or the shift is newly identified and therefore considered possible. 
  • Reviewer’s Clinical Shift Determination Results: stating if the shift was confirmed or reclassified by a reviewer, and reviewers reclassification notes. Note that these columns are only filled in when using SHOEBOX Audiology services. 

Additional Improvements:

  • Due For Testing report summary will now show the total number of patients due for testing, when filtering by initial test, regular test and retests.
  • The Outgoing Reports will be sent as expected when the user switches from a regular frequency interval to manual, then back.
  • Updating portal settings will now be saved without requiring a page refresh