SHOEBOX Audiometry Automated Test Game Play

SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.0

Effective Tuesday, June 19, 2018, SHOEBOX Audiometry is now running software version 5.0. Please see below for more details on what is included in this release.

New Game Graphics and UI

We have replaced the patient-facing graphics with three new options that have been designed for improved viewing and usability. They are:

Classic. Similar to the previous graphics but with slight improvements in color, shape, and size.

Automated Game Classic

Arc. Larger target drop zones in the corners of the screen with blue and orange in cases where individuals are challenged differentiating between green and red.

Automated Game Arc

Puppies. Simplified graphics with a clear background to avoid distraction when testing children.

Automated Game Puppies

We have also introduced new interactive prompts for the user to help guide them through the test process.

Assisted Mode Testing

We have introduced a new Assisted Mode for faster testing of patients who may have trouble following the automated game self-test protocol. In Assisted Mode, the test is still automated, but the administrator controls the rate of presentation tones and marks the response based on the patient’s visual cue.

You can choose to start the test in this mode from the beginning, or you can switch to this mode at any time throughout an automated test.

Assisted Mode

REACT™  Response and Environment Adaptive Control Technology

REACT ensures test accuracy by continuously monitoring patient response behavior and environmental conditions such as ambient noise levels. REACT will automatically attempt to resolve issues and alert test administrators when it detects anomalies that may impact results accuracy.  The REACT wizard will prompt the administrator to re-test the frequencies in question, skip the frequencies, stop the test, or enter into Assisted Mode.

Response Consistency Screen REACT Wizard

SRT/SDT Testing (SHOEBOX PRO only)

We are pleased to introduce SRT and SDT to our suite of testing capabilities.  Our SRT feature uses recorded voice stimuli, which we have provided in English, French, and Spanish. Available in SHOEBOX Audiometry Professional Edition only.

SRT/SDT Testing

Additional enhancements include:

  • Audiogram output display now uses audiometric symbols, as per the Guidelines for Audiometric Symbols prepared by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Committee. Note that the previous simple symbols are no longer available
  • Single page portrait-view printout of the audiogram, directly from the iPad. All necessary test configuration information now included in the footer
  • New Automated Test Type Settings: Game Theme, Noise Alert Mode, Masked Air testing
  • Double confirmation when either a patient or audiogram is deleted from the iPad, to prevent accidental deletions
  • Manual Pure Tone Test (PRO only) has been enhanced with a sleeker interface, smoother animations, and improved touch accuracy

Changes / discontinued items:

  • “Encouragements” have been removed
  • “Game order” has been removed, the single selected game graphics will now be used for the duration of the test
  • Child Game graphics no longer available: Egg, Hockey, Cleaning
  • Adult Game graphics no longer available: Egypt, City, Orchestra, Card
  • Simple symbols in the audiogram display have been removed (replaced by audiometric symbols)
  • Results page action buttons have been removed (now addressed within the REACT wizard)
  • The audiogram display now uses a yellow highlight bar to identify any frequencies tested whereby a threshold could not be obtained

If you would like to read even more details about this software update, download and read the Product Change Notification.

Product Change Notification