Room Scan

SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.3.2

In SHOEBOX Version 5.3.2 we have added:

  • Room Scan: The new room scan feature allows you to assess the noise level in your testing environment before you begin your hearing tests, and at any point throughout the testing day.
  • External Microphone Support: We now offer a Class 2 microphone which can be used in conjunction with the room scan.
  • Signature Confirmation: Both the patient and the examiner can provide their digital signature to confirm a report. You can control which of these you have enabled via the DATA MANAGEMENT PLUS web portal.

Room Scan

You now have the ability to perform a room scan prior to starting your hearing tests. The room scan uses the preset MPANL (Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Level) that you have chosen for your test type. If the room noise exceeds the MPANL, you will be able to see which frequencies did not pass and make adjustments to your environment as needed.

Room scan noise detection

External Microphone Support

We now offer an external Class 2 microphone to complement the room scan feature. This microphone will be calibrated annually along with your transducers. Please contact if you are interested in receiving one.

External Microphone


Signature Confirmation

Go paperless with a digitally signed summary report. Both the patient and the examiner can provide their signature to confirm the report, which is saved locally and backed up to the DATA MANAGEMENT PLUS web portal. Control which confirmation you have enabled, as well as the content of the confirmation message,  via the web portal.

In app signature