SHOEBOX Data Management 3.1

In DATA MANAGEMENT PLUS Version  3.1 we have added:

  • Saved Reports: For the reports that you use frequently, you can now save all the filters you have chosen and provide a name for the report so that you can easily access it next time you are in the portal. All of your saved reports will be found under the “Live Reports” list.
  • Missing Frequencies Triage: Automatically mark anyone with incomplete results for a retest to ensure you are fully compliant with your preset test settings.
  • New Shift Column: From the Patients list, you can add a column to view the OSHA or MSHA shift status.

We have also added the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rare issue where the audiogram image was missing from the summary reports and patient page
  • Fixed an issue where the “Last Tested” date was replaced by the date the summary report was generated
  • Fixed a rare issue which caused audiogram duplications