A screenshot of SHOEBOX Data Management version 3.12 showing how to schedule outgoing reports

SHOEBOX Data Management V3.12

Animation of SHOEBOX Data Management V3.12

In SHOEBOX Data Management V3.12, we have added the following new features:

  • Email reports: This new feature will allow for secure sharing of reports directly from the portal, save them time by saving the report and recipient list for future sharing as well as minimizing the potential of PHI breaches.
  • HR Integration Platform: Enterprise clients who have large and frequently changing lists of active employees in their Hearing Conservation Program can now integrate with the SHOEBOX Data Management web portal, no longer needing to manually update each record leading to improved efficiency and customer experience.

Additional Improvements include:

  • Basic users can now add audiograms: When managing a large Hearing Conservation Program, it can become too time-consuming to upload external clinic audiograms. Providing basic user access to manual uploads allows users at the site level to perform this function.
  • Importing patient lists can now be added directly into a project instead of sorting the list: When importing historical, instead of having to separate files each time you import, one file can be used and the employees will be auto-sorted into the right projects.