A screenshot of SHOEBOX PureTest demonstrating how to prepare to start testing

SHOEBOX PureTest: Data Management V3.12 & PureTest V1.1

Demo animation of SHOEBOX PureTest: Data Management V3.12 & PureTest V1.1

In SHOEBOX PureTest: Data Management V3.12 & PureTest V1.1, we have made the following improvements:

  • Configurable screen saver: This improvement reduces testing time by eliminating the need to enter a passcode during short periods of inactivity.
  • Configurable test instructions: This functionality allows you to disable the default instructions and provide customized instructions outside of the PureTest app to include other details or next steps unique to their program. Removing these additional steps saves time during testing.
  • Bio-verification: This shortened test workflow reduces the time required to verify hardware function and provides a clear pass or fail. Remote administration allows frequencies and intervals to be centrally managed to ensure consistency across the fleet, and enhance compliance by providing the option to block testing if not completed.
  • Results table added to audiogram view: This improvement offers an easy and fast way to read results for those unfamiliar with reading audiograms or looking to copy over test results quickly. 
  • Baseline status added to patient details: This added functionality saves time by allowing the user to identify whether a baseline is present prior to testing.