SHOEBOX Data Management V3.18

In SHOEBOX Data Management V3.18 we have added the following updates:

  • Share Outgoing Reports / CSV reports with our customers via SFTP: We are happy to announce a new feature that will make the Test Completion report, Roster report, Shift Report and Due For Testing report available for download via secure file transfer protocol.

schedule outgoing reports screenshot

  • Automatically flag retest: The system will now automatically flag a test as a retest if it’s done within 90 days of a previous test.

mark audiogram for retest screenshot

  • Convert historic tests from regular to retest and vice versa: If you find  historical retests that are showing up as regular tests in the portal, you  can now correct that by simply converting a regular test to a retest and vice versa.

view audiogram history screenshot

  • Clinical Determination Enabled by Default: The clinical determination section will now be visible to reviewers. This option will be enabled by default to remind the reviewers to use it.

set a clinical determination screenshot