SHOEBOX PureTest V1.7 & Data Management Portal V3.18

SHOEBOX PureTestV1.7
The following new features and enhancements have been included in this release.

  • First Frequency retest: ​​We recognize that test subjects are not always fully prepared to start testing. By enabling a First Frequency retest the test subject now has time to get familiar with how the test works and how to appropriately respond. This feature will decrease the number of incomplete tests and the need to retest an employee/client.
    • By default, this feature is enabled in  PureTest  but can be modified in the Data Management Portal.
    • The frequency that was retested  will be included in the Audiogram Export CSV.
  • Forced use of an external microphone: For those who wish, we have enabled the ability to enforce the installation and use of an external microphone. This can be configured in the Test Prep configuration page in the Data Management Portal. If enabled, a room scan cannot be started until the microphone has been installed.
  • Pausing a testing workflow: We have added the ability to pause a test  from any screen (including while performing the questionnaire) within your testing workflow. Once paused, you can either resume or end your workflow. This provides the test examiner and test subject a chance to pause and discuss any questions that may arise during the test. Note that when you pause a workflow for one test subject, you have to complete the workflow or end it for that person before you start testing someone else.
  • Syncing improvements: A number of improvements and bug fixes were implemented to enhance the syncing performance of the app.
  • Test Prep activities (Room Scan, Headphones Check, Biological Verification) set to be required daily will now be reset based on a 24 hour cycle, rather than a calendar day. This change supports shift work so that examiners do not have to repeat tests when working an overnight shift that starts before midnight and ends after midnight.
  • Language display: If keyboards in PureTest supported languages are installed on the iPad (in iPad Settings), when a test subject needs to use the keyboard (e.g. filling in a questionnaire), the keyboard will be displayed in their selected language. If no keyboards are installed on the iPad, the keyboard will be displayed in the iPad’s default language or English.
  • iCloud Backups
    • PureTest files and databases have been excluded from iCloud backups, if these have been enabled on the iPad.
    • Recommendation: For all SHOEBOX managed devices, if iCloud backups have been enabled, please update the iOS settings to exclude the PureTest app from iCloud backup. This will result in any existing PureTest data to be deleted immediately from the iCloud storage.

The follow has also been fixed in this release:

  • The patient demographic page has been updated to ensure that character limits for various fields (i.e. First Name) are enforced to ensure that the patient’s data is updated correctly.
  • Selecting a project has been fixed to always show available projects and not only those that had been selected by a previous filter.

Data Management Portal V3.18
In this release we have added:

  • The ability for an organizational administrator to require the installation and use of an external microphone to encourage compliance with industry rules. This is enabled when configuring Room Scans for PureTest Test Prep.
  • A default to the PureTest and Test Prep configuration page so that it starts in Read-Only mode. Editing must then be initiated to ensure that no changes are made in error.
  • An option for the test administrator to choose at least one default language when configuring test subject languages. This no longer has to be English.
  • A history table of imports on the Advanced page where XML files are uploaded for Single Sign-On configuration.