SHOEBOX Online 3.24

SHOEBOX Online V3.24 contains the following improvements:

Onsite Mode

SHOEBOX Online (SBO) hearing screener was initially designed to embed inside a customer’s website for participants to use at home. Each customer would configure their own device, environment and headphone and sound settings. They would do this alone and perform the hearing screening alone.

Our customers are interested in assisting participants in this screening, in-person, using the customer’s tablet or other device.

We can now support in-person screening by turning on Onsite mode in SBO. Onsite mode supports all portal configurations and core functionality: the questions are the same, the test stays the same, and results are displayed. So, what is the difference? You set up the hardware and volume once and then turn it over to your participant, with you assisting them as required. Once that test is done, you click Restart (a new button that only shows up in Onsite mode) and move on to the next participant. The test is faster for your participants! To find out how to configure Onsite mode for SBO, please visit our Help Center.

Wired over-the-ear headphones must be used for the Onsite mode to optimize the quality and consistency of the results for your participants.

Customer Portal Dashboard updates
We have expanded the Customer Portal Dashboard for customers using our SHOEBOX Online product. In addition to showing screening history, we have added a new section called the SHOEBOX participant overview. This section further breaks out your test results and allows you to jump to your participant reports with your filters already selected. The current filter is by “this month” and we will be adding more options for this filter in the next release.


Notable Refinements

  • Duplicate Call-to-Action buttons on the SBO screener results page:
    • Your call-to-action button is important for you to encourage your participants to take the next step in their hearing health journey. If you have configured all of our result page options, the call-to-action button may appear quite far down
    • Our latest release will now include a call-to-action button at both the top and bottom of the results page.
  • We added a new event to our iframe communication layer (embedded SBO) because some customers wanted to know when the results were ready and the test was complete before the user was presented with a results page. The SHOEBOX Help Center Embedded SBO article has been updated to include code snippets on how you can use this event.
  • We have made improvements for a better user experience when you use Google Translate with the Web portal.