SHOEBOX PureTest: PureTest 1.5 & Data Management 3.16

We have made the following improvements to PureTest V1.5 & Data Management V3.16,


  • Single Sign-On: We now offer Single Sign On (SSO) for both the PureTest app and the Data Management portal, making it easier to manage users within a large organization and offers enhanced security. Please contact our support team to discuss future implementations.
  • Ability to remove an external microphone when not in use.
  • Biological Verifications will now start in Assisted Mode, reducing the time it takes to complete this required task. For clients who are not using this feature, it can now be disabled in the portal and hidden in the app.
  • Enhanced zooming on the Results page, making it easier to view audiograms and discuss results.

SHOEBOX Data Management Portal Improvements:

  • The room scan results and Device ID have been added to the Audiogram CSV export.
  • New user experience logging in.

Bug Fixes:

  • A change was made to PureTest when searching online with a weak Wi-fi signal. PureTest will now search the offline projects if a cloud search fails.
  • To ensure a user can enter their Passcode quickly, we have modified the animation to improve the response time.