SHOEBOX Data Management 3.16

In SHOEBOX Data Management V3.16 we have added the following improvements:

  • Outgoing Reports – Share CSV Reports by Email: The admin can now attach a live report in CSV format to an outgoing report. These reports can be scheduled regularly and will automatically be emailed to the designated group.
  • Shift Result After Retest: After an employee is retested our automation will include more detail in the required action message. The message will state if a retest has eliminated a shift, or confirmed a shift.
  • Beta Shift Report CSV export – Enhanced Shift Status: The CSV report now provides the comprehensive shift status of an employee by looking at a single LFT_STS or RHT_STS column. The column indicates if an employee had an initial shift, was retested or reviewed.
    *Please note, Audiology Reviews only occur for those subscribed to our Audiology Services.*
  • Replace Audiogram Deletion with Void: In order to prevent accidental data deletions, basic users will no longer be able to delete audiograms. Instead, they have the option of voiding audiograms, which can be reinstated if an error is made.

Additional Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with the batched zip export of summary reports which were missing the audiogram image.
  • Addressed an issue which affected setting the Test Time for a new audiogram if the Test Date is in the present month.
  • Improved the Bulk Patient Deletion message.
  • Cleaned up the Required Action History. Only auto-classification messages related to the next required action will be listed.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was able to overwrite a live report. Now, you cannot save a live report if there is another report with the same name used in the Outgoing Report module.