Precise measuring instrument

What Is – and How To Perform – a Biological Calibration

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Audiometers are very precise electronic instruments used for testing human hearing.  They are regulated by ANSI/ASA S3.6-2010, which is the standard that provides the specifications and tolerances for such devices. To ensure that your audiometer continues to function accurately and conform to the standard, it is necessary for you to routinely check and verify the audiometer. Called a biological calibration or verification, these checks are performed to confirm that the system is free of any defects that might erroneously impact test results.

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Child checking bear for ear infection

Long Term Effects of Pediatric Ear Infections

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Roughly 80% of children will have at least one ear infection before the age of three. Almost all of them will fall victim to at least one before they turn six. And they are the most common reason why parents bring their children to the doctor’s office. Although anyone can develop an ear infection, children, and particularly those under seven years of age, are particularly susceptible. Left untreated, the long term consequences can be surprising, and severe.

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school-aged hearing screening

School-Aged Hearing Screening | iHear Is Growing Again in 2018

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New data just published states that approximately half a billion people – or 6-8% of the global population – suffer disabling hearing loss. It is the most common disability identifiable at birth. And although newborn hearing screening programs do exist in many Canadian provinces and American states, few offer universal school-aged hearing screening programs.

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portable audiometry for clinician home visits

Thinking of taking your hearing clinic mobile? Things to consider when getting ready to buy a portable audiometer.

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It’s been a busy conference season. With our last event of the year now behind us, I’ve had a chance to reflect on some common themes I heard while speaking with so many of you this year.  One thing I heard over and over was the wish to move out of the clinic, and take hearing testing on the road. And to do this, many of you have been looking to buy a portable audiometer.

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