school-aged hearing screening

School-Aged Hearing Screening | iHear Is Growing Again in 2018

Audiometry, Family Practice and Pediatricians, Hearing Health, Hearing Services, School Screening

New data just published states that approximately half a billion people - or 6-8% of the global population - suffer disabling hearing loss. It is the most common disability identifiable at birth. And although newborn hearing screening programs do exist in many Canadian provinces and American states, few offer universal school-aged hearing screening programs.

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portable audiometry for clinician home visits

Thinking of taking your hearing clinic mobile? Things to consider when getting ready to buy a portable audiometer.

Audiometry, Hearing Health, Hearing Services

It’s been a busy conference season. With our last event of the year now behind us, I’ve had a chance to reflect on some common themes I heard while speaking with so many of you this year.  One thing I heard over and over was the wish to move out of the clinic, and take hearing testing on the road. And to do this, many of you have been looking to buy a portable audiometer.

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Baseline Audiogram

It All Begins With a Baseline Audiogram

Audiometry, Hearing Conservation

Every day, workers everywhere are exposed to noise during their workday that may be loud enough - or occasionally loud enough - to be damaging to their hearing. Without adequate protection and procedures, long-term damage can occur. This is why workplace safety, and hearing conservation programs, are essential for long-term health and well-being.

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Occupational Hearing Conservation

Hearing Healthcare and Occupational Hearing Conservation Programs

Hearing Conservation

Sound is a constant presence in our everyday lives. We are always exposed to noise from a wide variety of sources — the radio, television, traffic, family, friends, colleagues, etc. This kind of noise generally presents no risk, and shouldn’t cause any kind of damage to our hearing. But when that noise we are exposed to becomes too loud it can become dangerous. Both brief bursts or consistent exposure pose a threat to one’s overall hearing health. It can cause damage to the sensitive structures in the inner ear and ultimately result in some level of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).The consequence of consistent exposure to loud noise

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What We Learned Running Lead Generation for Hearing Care Industry Customers

Hearing Services

Over the past few months we partnered with a couple of our customers in the Hearing Care Industry to help them with lead generation pilot programs. Specifically, using our self-administered simple hearing screener on an iPad as a method for both collecting names of potentially interested new customers, and pre-qualifying them based on whether or not they presented with some possible hearing loss. I thought you might be interested in some of what we learned.

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