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Case Study: Hearing the Future – Comunicare Reshapes Hearing Care in Mexico with SHOEBOX

Case Study, Hearing Services

Like many countries, Mexico has a shortage of audiologists. According to data from WSA Mexcio, the nation has fewer than one audiologist per 130,000 citizens. Under the strategic leadership of Ulises Merino, GM of WSA Mexico, and Luana Rosa, LATAM Expansion Manager, the company has been successfully improving business efficiency and elevating their standard of care. Built on a foundation of engagement, connectivity, and, importantly, diagnostic quality, Comunicare is setting a new benchmark for excellence in hearing care services.

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Case Study: Modernizing Audiology Services: A Look at Comunicare’s Success with SHOEBOX’s Digital Hearing Screeners

Audiology and ENT Clinics, Case Study, Hearing Services

As a distinguished leader in the Brazilian hearing aid market, Comunicare has spent 19 years providing top-tier audiological services across the country. As part of the WS Audiology Group, both Comunicare and SHOEBOX share a common vision of continuously seeking innovative solutions to amplify reach and enhance efficiency in the audiology sphere. This case study charts Comunicare's journey towards the integration of SHOEBOX’s digital hearing screener designed for both remote and in-person environments. This innovative tool has brought about a substantial transformation in their hearing testing procedures and overall patient care approach.

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Finding the Right Workplace Hearing Testing Technology Partner for Efficient, Accurate, and Compliant Testing

Hearing Conservation

A well-managed workplace hearing testing program protects workers from noise-induced hearing loss while ensuring your organization complies with regulatory requirements. To achieve this, it is crucial to partner with a comprehensive workplace hearing testing solution that will work with you to build a modern, compliant, and cost-effective program.

The ideal solution will include industry-leading technology, program oversight from a team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise, and security measures that ensure your data is protected at all times. It should also offer the ability to establish consistent testing protocols effortlessly while still providing flexibility. Throughout this guide, we will explore these critical elements and share how SHOEBOX PureTest can help to enable more streamlined and cost-efficient programs across the United States and Canada.

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Case Study: Enhancing Mobile Audiology Care: A Case Study with Kathleen Wallace, Au.D. LLC

Case Study, Hearing Services

In the fast-paced metropolis of New York City, audiologist Kathleen Wallace, Au.D., has established herself as a prominent mobile practitioner, extending audiological services to patients throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. As an independent contractor collaborating with a larger audiology clinic, Kathleen sought a portable audiometer that seamlessly aligns with her practice's unique needs. This case study delves into Kathleen's journey of discovering SHOEBOX Consult and its transformative integration into her mobile audiology practice, revolutionizing her approach to hearing testing and patient care.

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Utilizing the SHOEBOX Consult Teleaudiology Functionality in ENT Clinics

Audiology and ENT Clinics, Hearing Services

SHOEBOX is helping to address these challenges by offering a complete remote teleaudiology solution for ENT clinics. Rather than requiring a full-time audiologist in each location, they can remotely connect patients in one ENT clinic to another with any available audiologist.

This blog post will explore how our digital teleaudiology solutions can help boost efficiency in today's busy ENT clinic, offer comprehensive reporting, and help deliver more patient-centric care.

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Increase Revenue with OTC Hearing Aid Sales: A Guide to Understanding OTCs and Using Online Hearing Screening and Marketing

Hearing Services

As with any significant transformation, the introduction of Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids into the hearing industry is causing many clinic owners to re-evaluate their operations. In addition, a shift of comparable significance is happening with potential patients as they explore and shop for devices that suit their budget and amplification needs.

In this article, trends observed regarding OTC interest will be explored, as well as presenting exciting ways innovative digital audiometry effectively meets the needs of both clinicians and potential patients by offering education, engagement and partnership opportunities.

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