Become More Efficient, Improve Your Patient Experience, Resolve Backlogs, and Save Money with Boothless Audiometric Testing

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Many believe to have a clinically valid audiometric test; it must occur in a sound booth. They believe it is necessary to eliminate any background noise and possible distractions that could lead to inaccurate test results. However, recent advances in audiometric technology are enabling a shift to test outside of the booth. This shift is being widely embraced by both hearing healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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How Clinicians are Using Online Hearing Screening to Increase Appointments

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It's genuinely astonishing when we try to think of all the incredible things our ears do for us every day. Our hearing can help us pick out the words from a favorite song that is stuck in our head; it can pluck out a voice of a loved one in a crowded restaurant; it can connect us to nature with the sounds of waves crashing on a beach on a sunny summer day. Our hearing quite literally is the soundtrack to life.

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