SHOEBOX® QuickTest – Leading the Way in Hearing Screening: Acquiring Qualified Participants for a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Marketing

OTTAWA, ON, APRIL 26, 2019

QuickTest gives Hear Care Providers (HCP) the ability to categorize participants into three key hearing categories: people with normal hearing, those with some hearing loss who are candidates for hearables, personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) and soon over-the-counter devices, and those who are candidates for hearing aids. Hear Care Providers will experience an all-new level of customization with QuickTest. Your team will now be able to establish testing protocols, incorporate your branding elements, create pages and forms with custom call to actions, adhere to all HIPAA and GDPR regulations, and create customized privacy policies.

At SHOEBOX® (, we’ve earned a reputation for leading the evolution of hearing testing equipment. Today, we’re excited to announce a completely redesigned SHOEBOX® QuickTest for hearing screening.

Hear Care Providers know it can be challenging to grow their business with traditional marketing techniques—SHOEBOX® QuickTest is an easy, secure, and cost-effective alternative that uses a simple, self-administered screening tool as a way of acquiring qualified participants.

“When we first released QuickTest in the spring of 2017, it was among the first tablet-based screeners for customer generation on the market. Since that time, we’ve been listening and gathering feedback from our clients. Our product team took that information, and today we are releasing a brand new SHOEBOX QuickTest. One that is even easier to use, more customizable, and that helps the clinic owner prioritize next steps,” said Michael Weider, CEO of SHOEBOX Inc.

SHOEBOX® QuickTest is a turnkey solution that encourages participants to check their hearing in a fun and informal way. The systems can be set-up in attended or unattended kiosks deployed in common gathering spots like health fairs, retail outlets, waiting rooms, or even affiliate clinics.

SHOEBOX® QuickTest provides a newfound level of brand customization for the clinic owner. Our easy-to-use web portal is a powerful tool that puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to tailor recommended next steps based on the participant’s hearing scores and your HCP’s business goals. Participants will be conveniently tested for up to five different test frequencies configured by your team. SHOEBOX® QuickTest also offers an option to customize your privacy and contact forms, streamlining your processes by only collecting the details you need.

All results are instantly uploaded to the portal—you will benefit from automatically knowing the best candidates for follow-up appointments.

SHOEBOX® QuickTest is the ultimate companion to SHOEBOX Audiometry, which can be used to perform a diagnostic hearing test after screening with QuickTest.

Contact our team to learn more about how SHOEBOX QuickTest can generate more traffic to your business.

About SHOEBOX®Audiometry

Co-founded in 2005 by Dr. Matthew Bromwich, an ENT specialist, and led by CEO Michael Weider, Ottawa-based SHOEBOX® is combining audiological and technical expertise to design and manufacture innovative medical-grade devices that leverage the power of tablet technology to enable effective, alternative approaches in hearing healthcare.

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