Version 5.0 of iPad Audiometer adds Patent-pending REACT™ Technology, Assisted Mode Testing, and SRT/SDT Testing

Ottawa, ON, June 19, 2018 – Clearwater Clinical Limited, the leading manufacturer of tablet-based audiometers, announced today that it has released version 5.0 of its flagship product, SHOEBOX Audiometry. Version 5.0 is a major step forward in delivering on our core mission –  to make hearing testing more accessible, easy, and accurate.

Commercially released in 2014, SHOEBOX Audiometry was purpose-built to enable testing by more people in more locations. To continue ensuring accurate results when testing is performed outside a traditional sound booth, version 5.0 adds patent-pending Response and Environment Adaptive Control Technology (REACT) to the system.

REACT continuously monitors patient response behavior as well as environmental conditions such as ambient noise levels. It will automatically attempt to resolve issues and alert test administrators when it detects anomalies that may impact results accuracy.

In order to increase the breadth of patients that can be tested using automated audiometry, version 5.0 introduces a new technology called Assisted mode. Assisted mode sits between fully Automated and Manual testing modes and is designed for patients who may have difficulty following the automated self-test. In Assisted mode, the test is still automated, but the administrator guides the patient through the test and marks responses in the easy-to-use graphical interface.

Other features now available in SHOEBOX Audiometry version 5.0 are:

  • Speech Reception/Detection Threshold (SRT/SDT) tests
  • Updated game graphics with interactive user prompts
  • Improved audiogram displays

“This is another major milestone for SHOEBOX,” said Michael Weider, CEO of Clearwater Clinical. “The beauty of a software-based audiometer is that it continues to get better over time. Version 5.0 is a free upgrade to all our subscription customers. We are committed to continuous innovation and modernizing audiometry, so everyone has access to better hearing healthcare.”

Comprised of SHOEBOX Audiometry software, an iPad, calibrated transducers and a cloud-based audiometry data management system, SHOEBOX is the easiest-to-use and most portable audiometric system available on the market today. Ideal for mobile clinicians, occupational hearing conservationists, clinical research, and more, SHOEBOX packs all the power of a traditional audiometer into a small, mobile form factor.

About SHOEBOX Audiometry

SHOEBOX Audiometry is a division of Clearwater Clinical. Co-founded in 2005 by Dr. Matthew Bromwich, an ENT specialist, and led by CEO Mr. Michael Weider, Ottawa-based SHOEBOX Audiometry is leading the way in mobile hearing health. Our clinically validated iPad-based audiometer makes it possible to reliably measure hearing outside of a traditional sound booth. The device addresses a growing need in the market to test the hearing of more patients in more locations with less effort and increased efficiency.

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