Press Release: Clearwater Clinical Launches Cloud-Based Enterprise Data Management for SHOEBOX Audiometry

Modernizing the way hearing testing is performed, enabling “anywhere access” to hearing health data

SHOEBOX Data Management Dashboards pageOTTAWA, ONTARIO, December 15, 2016 – Clearwater Clinical Limited, makers of SHOEBOX Audiometry, a clinically validated iPad audiometer, today announced the launch of SHOEBOX Enterprise Data Management (EDM). This cloud-based web portal is used to aggregate hearing test results in real-time and save them to a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. EDM was developed for customers who manage large-scale projects across multiple testing locations and who need a simple way to analyze trends, to quickly identify changes in hearing status, and to offer remote audiological support.

SHOEBOX Audiometry and Enterprise Data Management are modernizing how hearing testing is performed. SHOEBOX, the world’s first iPad audiometer, made it possible for almost anyone to perform hearing testing in any reasonably quiet environment.  Now, coupled with EDM, test results captured on the iPads can be accessed, monitored, and analyzed from anywhere in the world. Testers in remote geographic locations can also share results with colleagues across the globe who are qualified to analyze audiogram results.

“Technology is changing at an impressive rate, and yet in many respects, there has been little innovation in the areas of audiometry equipment and how hearing testing is performed,” says Michael Weider, CEO of Clearwater Clinical. “Our system combines the very familiar iPad platform with a cloud-based management system to help bring hearing testing into the modern era. We are making it easier and more efficient because we believe that everyone on the planet should have access to a hearing test.”

EDM helps researchers or clinicians who are monitoring for ototoxicity to track results more efficiently and its ability to generate alerts when shifts in hearing thresholds occur for individual patients will be beneficial for Occupational Hearing Conservationists.

“We developed this service with our Occupational Hearing Conservation customers in mind. SHOEBOX Audiometry was already changing the way the industry conducts hearing testing, no longer requiring companies to ship sound booths and heavy equipment across the country in transport trailers. But what they also need is an easy and efficient way to manage all the data collected on the iPads. EDM does just that,” continued Mr. Weider.

Key features of SHOEBOX Enterprise Data Management:

  • Administrative Account Controls:
    • Centralized administrative control for adding and removing individual users, managing multiple iPad “fleet” accounts, and project organization.
  • Data Import Sync Features:
    • Automatically sync imported data including employee lists, demographics, and history with iPads for instant on-site access and testing.
  • Data Management Tools:
    • Organize employee lists, results and data by projects to easily manage large projects and/or multiple testing sites.
  • Analytics, Dashboards, and Reporting Tools:
    • Automatically track and flag Standard Threshold Shifts (STS). Visualize employee data and testing results in pre-populated dashboards. Create OSHA-compliant organization and individual summary reports.

SHOEBOX Enterprise Data Management is available immediately for customers. Those interested should visit –