SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.3.2

Room Scan

Updated: May 30, 2019

Version 5.3.2 now includes:

• A new room scan feature to assess testing environment noise levels

• An external Class 2 microphone which can be used in conjunction with the room scan

• In-app Digital Signatures by both patient and examiner

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SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.2

SHOEBOX Audiometry Noah Integration

Updated: February 11, 2019

SHOEBOX Audiometry version 5.2 now includes:

• Noah integration
• Enhanced Summary Reports
• A Results Sign-Off feature
• Improved search functionality
• New and synchronized demographic fields

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SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.1

SHOEBOX V5.1 Status Indicators

Updated: October 15, 2018

In SHOEBOX Version 5.1 we have added:
• New tone testing and auto-retest features
• New status icons for further clarity on data backup
• New and updated OSHA test type settings
• Minor bug fix
And more

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SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.0.3

Updated July 21, 2018

This version resolves an issue for SHOEBOX Audiometry Pro Edition customers that caused speech volume levels to be lower than expected.

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SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.0.2

Updated July 16, 2018

This updated resolves a rare upgrade issue by providing a warning if there is insufficient space on the device for the upgrade. It also reintroduces the ability to print audiogram results in table view.

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SHOEBOX Audiometry Version 5.0.1

Updated: July 3, 2018

This patch fixes a rare issue caused by loading an older automated test with missing configurations.

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