SHOEBOX PureTest: PureTest V1.2 & Data Management V3.13


SHOEBOX PureTest: data Management V3.13 & PureTest V1.2

Updated April 23, 2021

This release has made improvements in both the portal and app:

Portal improvements include Test-prep Reports - Added section to your portal reports for easy troubleshooting and exportable records of test prep activities to share program compliance.

App Improvements include Multi-language Support - users can now select their native language for the application use specific to the testing workflow in English, Spanish or french

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SHOEBOX Data Management V3.13

SHOEBOX Data Management V3.13

Updated: April 20, 2021

In this release we have improved how reports are shared, resulting in reducing the need to log into the portal to access the testing schedule or track test completions. In addition, the portal user can now filter on the test type allowing for a separate live report for retests. These improvements lead to increased efficiency, ease of use, and collaboration.

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