Version 4.3

Updated: November 1, 2016
In V4.3 we have introduced an option to put the system into “presentation mode” and we have added an indication of a shift in Pure Tone Average (PTA). This is displayed beside the PTA level in the audiogram produced through either a manual or an automated test.

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Version 4.1

Updated: August 15, 2016
In V4.1 we have added:
- the ability for Administrators to create Projects, and for Users to search for, and work with a Project
- a Patient Demographic import function
- threshold numbers listed on the audiogram and PDF reports

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Version 4.0

Updated: July 13, 2016
In V3.0 we have:
- redesigned the user interface making the system more intuitive and easier to navigate
- added Speech Discrimination Testing to our Pro Edition
- improved the Web Portal search and organizational capabilities

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